Apply to have your coin added

Apply to have your coin added

                                                                    Coin Listing

We only accept bitcoin based altcoins (coins with RPC 1.0 compatibility).

We accept any type of COINS long as it has a WALLET.

ICO, Alt coins, you name it we accept it.



To be listed on the Northern Exchange a coin should satisfy several requirements:


1. An Announcement Post on bitcointalk

2. a Link to the Northern Exchange should be added in the Announce post in bitcointalk

3. standard Fee is 0.0075 BTC




1.- Your coin/BTC PAIR

2.- Listing time: 24 hours Guaranteed!

3.- Secured deposit/withdrawals (email confirmation and Pin required)

4.- Fast transactions and support.



Coin can be delisted if:

* Consumes a lot of server resources and can't be fixed

* Unstable wallet or unstable blockchain (multiple chains / stopped blocks)


To list your altcoin please send us message to [email protected].


Please include:

1. Coin name and ticker

2. Forum ann thread

3. Coin Source

4. Listing option


After our team check your coin, we will contact you with further information.